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Thank you for your interest in DHCT.  We have pretty much flown under the radar ... until now.

Great things are on the horizon and we are ready for the challenge!

We offer products and services in ucaas

We offer products and   services in IAAS

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IaaS and UCaaS consolidation with techs on the ground in 30 minutes anywhere in the US

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We have representation with our partners in over 90 countries worldwide.

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Our team and board have over 300 years combined years of experience.

Formed in 2017, Dark Horse Core Technologies (DHCT) is a holding company with a portfolio spanning cyber security, cloud services, computer software, corporate infrastructure, augmented reality and medical technology.


Recently, we have transitioned to a holding company, with offices in Dallas, TX and Gettysburg, PA, and we are still reachable through our Unrivaled Advisors membership!  Just click on the Unrivaled icon!

"With our global partnerships and a diversified r&d project list, dhct is well situated for rapid, exponential growth - and we're here for it!"

~ w. Seth greene | ceo

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