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beyond content management.

Right now, dark horse core technologies is working with partners to build the most advanced, versatile, and safest (thanks to J.A.R.V.i.C.S.TM) content and media command and control app on the planet.


In addition to that ultimate addition in cyber security, there are some amazing features that make this CMS easier, unique, and more enjoyable to use all around - we can't wait to show it to you!


Our partnership is almost ready to release information on our upcoming feature in the content management and delivery world.


Fasten your seat belts; we are about to disrupt an entire industry with this new CMS platform technology!

beyond reality.

From wayfinding to more unique applications, our partnership is developing tools in the fields of Augmented and Virtual Reality that will help make getting your message across much easier and painless - we have a few fantastic tricks up our sleeves that you will love - we can't wait to show them to you!


Check back soon for more updates!

beyond advanced.

Our partners, engineers, and inventors are from all different backgrounds in science and technology - in addition to the computer-based tech we are known for being involved in, we have stake in and own multiple medical companies and designs respectively.


What separates us from 'Big Pharma' and insurance companies is that we design our products based on what is best for the patients involved - after all, aren't we all patients at some point in our lives?


We are all about, restoration, repair, and regeneration, not band aids, cutting, and replacement.

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