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It is important to keep in mind that J.A.R.V.i.C.S. acts like a brain - a neural network that is capable of thought and decision based on input - it  controls and gathers feedback from its eyes, ears, and limbs - in this case, the eyes, ears, and limbs are the world-class cyber security products you have available to you and based on that feedback, J.A.R.V.i.C.S. takes action on your behalf!


What does this mean?  It means that in order for J.A.R.V.i.C.S. to work, you either need a network infrastructure of some sort already in place, even if it is simply a website, OR you can have our team set up the perfect cyber defense system for you!  Yes, we can provide a practically unbeatable turn-key system for you (based on our Zero Damage Cyber Defense Configuration).


As we have said before, there are already amazing, stand-alone cyber security products out there but they only take care of themselves - J.A.R.V.i.C.S. uses all of them to his advantage by linking them all together and mounting an overwhelming offense using artificial intelligence!


The best defense is always a good offense!


This is why we encourage you to think of J.A.R.V.i.C.S. as another member of the team, not just a tool!

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We can integrate literally ANY cyber security product into J.A.R.V.i.C.S.'s Cyber Security Module Core - let us know if you'd like a quote when you fill in the form below.


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The days of combing through thousands or tens of thousands of logs, configuring networks by hand and migrating individual devices, networks and websites suffering down-time due to merciless distributed denial of service (ddos) attacks, or even trying to keep up with hundreds or even thousands of annoying certificate renewals are over.


After years of development, we have come up with the solution in the form of a "who" rather than a "what."

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