make you healthier.

We are all about, restoration, repair, and regeneration ...

Our partners, doctors, engineers, and inventors are from all different backgrounds in science and technology - in addition to the computer-based tech we are known for being involved in, we have stake in and own multiple medical companies and designs respectively.


In addition to these holdings, DHCT is considered a Benefit LLC or BLLC: this means that we go to great lengths to create a company environment in which a significant and focused effort to better our local community as well as the community at large remains a priority.  These efforts include, but are not limited to, supporting local, national and international charities, non-profit organizations, historical and preservation societies, and individuals through direct financial means (i.e. 15% of our profits go to charities) as well as through means not directly related to finances.


In the medtech world, what separates us from massive corporations, 'Big Pharma', and insurance companies is that we design our products based on what is best for the patients involved - after all, aren't we all patients at some point in our lives?


We are all about, restoration, repair, and regeneration, not band aids, cutting, and replacement.

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