make you safer.

whether networks, endpoints, or iot - what you can call it is: peace-of-mind.

By integrating the world's top cyber security products (over 30 vendors) into J.A.R.V.i.C.S.'s single command and control dashboard - which is specifically designed to bridge the gap between human interpretation and AI interaction - and by utilizing the playbooks and proper configurations of the world's foremost authorities in cyber security, we have created a new type of systematic infrastructural 'glue' for cyber defense - a true Zero Damage Cyber Defense ConfigurationTM.

'We are about to cause a radical paradigm shift in the worlds of cyber security and IoT: with the creation of J.A.R.V.i.C.S.TM, hackers will be forced to completely change the way they approach criminal activities forever!


We mean to send cyber-criminals back to square-one, as it relates to the current cyber-attack methods, the Black Hat will soon learn that the old play books will no longer work for them.


This is not a threat; it's a promise.'


~ w.s. greene | ceo

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