a perfect record.

zero damage cyber defense configurationTM.

We currently hold a 0% penetration success rate - in fact - a major international financial institution using our Cyber Defense Module catches and automatically shuts down over 200,000 new, unique attacks EVERY DAY!


In addition to trial-by-fire in the real world, on a regular basis, we invite Ethical Hackers to attempt to break into our Zero Damage Cyber Defense ConfigurationTM in order to preempt any future surprises - not many companies go to such lengths to break their own product in order to make it as perfect as possible.

'Why do we go to such extremes?  Your digital, network, and device safety, as well as peace-of-mind, are our top priorities - there is nothing more important to us - this has become a moral obligation: to help those that are not able, especially in an industry that is so hopelessly complex to the outside world.


We have the ultimate solution; now it's time to deploy it.'


~ w.s. greene | ceo

real peace-of-mind.

This is really hard to come by in the cyber security world.  Imagine: you never again have to worry about the excessive financial havoc and down-time that ransomware, malware, injection attacks, or even data base losses can cause your company.


With our Zero Damage Cyber Defense ConfigurationTM, your entire network from, Firewall to Endpoint, will have a restoration point that can be loaded up, secured, and redeployed in a matter of minutes.


With our configurations in place, you have Zero Damage Cyber Defense - the only one in the world that can give you true peace-of-mind.


What are any of us willing to pay for true peace-of-mind?

btw - J.A.R.V.i.C.S.TM calculates return on investment!

Not only do we have the most perfect cyber security system on the planet, we have even built in an ROI calculator for you!


Enter everything from your team salaries to network migration costs into our highly detailed ROI calculator and you'll witness first hand an accurate projection of money your company will save by utilizing J.A.R.V.i.C.S.'s Cyber Defense Module.

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